How a Gmail Password Stealing Scam Works

used with permission from Norton by Symantec Sophisticated cybercriminals have devised a way to steal email credentials that bypasses two-factor authentication security and doesn’t rely on otherwise easy-to-spot phishing methods.

What is Grayware, Adware, and Madware?

used with permission from Norton by Symantec, by Nadia Kovacs If you’re like most Internet users, you’ve never even heard of grayware, adware or madware. That’s because these are all

Ransomware on the Rise

Ransomware has been making big news lately. What is ransomware? The crooks scramble (encrypt) your files so you can’t use them, and then demand money to unlock your files. It

Google Major Change

Last year, Google announced you could lose business if your website was not fully optimized for mobile devices. This is because mobile-friendliness has become a part of Google’s algorithm, making

Risky Business of Outdated Technology

Spending money on IT can be costly for small and midsized businesses. It’s easy to understand why you might want to keep what you have. However, outdated software leaves you

Beware- Microsoft Forcing Windows 10?

Originally, Windows 10 was an option users had to request. Not anymore. Now there is a relentless pop-up and talk about just upgrading people without their choice. In the article