ASIS is a company that always works in the best interest of the client. Not only does Kristin offer expertise and creative solutions to complicated problems, but she also finds the most economical solution for us. Our company is now in a more secure position because we can rely on ASIS to keep us up-to-date and functioning in the challenging world of net-based programming. Most importantly, ASIS consistently provides prompt, personalized service. I endorse this company unconditionally!

Ray Sziber, President
Capitol Copy Service

Working with Kristin and her company, ASIS LLC, has allowed our firm to function as if we have a fully integrated and dedicated IT Department at a fraction of its true costs. Kristin is always available and regularly relied upon to respond to all our IT and telecommunication needs. By our side at every turn when Hurricane Sandy devastated our electronic infrastructure, she made certain we could continue operating wirelessly and remotely under the harshest of circumstances. Kristin has saved us from disaster on more than one occasion, often upon moment’s cry for help, and for these and many other reasons we’re confident working exclusively with her. There is no long-term contract or commitment, nor any reason or need to look further: ASIS LLC does it all for us most affordably.

Kristin is technically qualified and proven at meeting all our IT and MIS challenges. Additionally, she has an MBA degree as well as practical entrepreneurial experience organizing, budgeting, and operating her own business. This synergy of skill and experience makes her ideally suited to identify and react to the needs of our small business’s IT in a financially responsible manner only an owner could empathize.

If your small business is contemplating partnering with ASIS and Kristin I strongly advise it. Anything is possible with ASIS and we never have to worry about compromising integrity or a systems crash. We not only feel safe and secure working with ASIS, it is a pleasure to be in business with Kristin, her company, and her network of associates in the IT industry.

George S Cassotis President
Winsor Group – A Premier and Diversified Staffing Company

Kristin Tencza and the ASIS team consistently exceed my expectations in quality, reliability and the professionalism exhibited when handling my practice needs.

Dr. Marten Ladman

Kristin and her firm are excellent business partners as I have not encountered any IT issues the past several years while on the road or in my office.  My previous employment I had resigned myself that IT problems were part of the business world as it seemed I always had problems and it was just expected!

Thank you again for all your IT support.

Bill Paskowski, EVP
Allied Old English, Inc

Thanks for quickly fixing our firewall.  Technology is a life blood in our company.   I am so pleased that we “found you” a number of years ago.  ASIS has definitely been a big reason for our success (or for some years our sustainability).   It is amazing how high tech we really are and how reliable this technology has been.

Bruce Groves, President
Emilcott Associates

After much searching for support in building a new web site I ended up choosing ASIS. Turns out to have been an excellent choice. They did a really nice job in forming my site and the last months have demonstrated it to be very much more effective than what I had previously. Their work was pretty quick and they were highly responsive to various requests I made. I highly recommend them.

Ken Deneka
Deneka Printing Systems

I have used ASIS to setup my office computers & server. The installation ran smooth.  Kristen is professional, timely and cares about your business.  I highly recommend ASIS.

Dr. Jerry Rosenberg

We’ve used ASIS since 2003 through three website expansions and redesigns and couldn’t be happier! Turnaround time is quick, pricing is extremely reasonable and Kristin is very easy and pleasant to work with. We have and will continue to wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Donna Goldbach
Sitar Company

I have successfully used ASIS’ excellent tech support for my own small company, TM Consulting & Training, and have enlisted their help with some of my clients who couldn’t manage their IT requirements internally. In one situation, Kristin Tencza designed and installed a network for a growing company about to open a new branch office and in another she designed a secure intranet for a pharmaceutical start-up. In each case, I have found Kristin very knowledgeable, skilled, professional, punctual and reasonably priced. Kristin accurately diagnoses IT challenges, develops the optional solutions (so non-IT specialists can understand them), then proceeds to quickly “make it happen.” I have worked for decades with “techies” in software development companies so I can detect “a quality support pro” instantly. Whenever the need arises among my diversified clients, I will try to bring in ASIS and Kristin Tencza for IT support.

Tom Martin
Business Consulting