Medical & Dental Office IT Support


Today’s highly competitive dental and medical services market is forcing practitioners to provide value-added services using the latest technology to enhance the patient care experience, including medical and dental office IT support.

Dentists, surgeons, and medical doctors must employ the latest advanced software applications and equipment to provide sound examinations and diagnosis. And HIPAA has many requirements such as digitized patient records, encrypted emails and secure data. All of this puts a heavy burden on medical and dental practices to upgrade and secure their office IT systems.

ASIS has been servicing dental and medical practices since 1999, assuring that medical and dental office IT support keeps needs met and offices are up and running—and secure. Because we team with our clients and work like their “‘in-house” IT staff, doctors and dentists throughout central New Jersey depend on ASIS’s IT solutions to help them enhance their patients’ experience and concentrate on providing excellent medical care.
Examples of medical and dental office IT support include:

  • Assist with setup & operation of practice management software (e.g. Dentrix, Carestream, Eaglesoft, Visix, Dexis, Sidexis,  & much more)
  • Provide comprehensive security and proactive monitoring
  • Provide secure access to email anywhere from any device and HIPAA compliant email

This is just a small sample of the ways ASIS can assist you!

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