Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Computing

cloud-managed-servicesBusinesses of all sizes are increasingly using highly reliable cloud servers for file sharing and storage.   First you need to decide- is cloud managed services right for my business? There are pros/cons to every option and there are many different managed cloud solutions to choose from.

We can help you decide the right managed cloud solution. Then we can safely and securely help move your operations to the cloud, and cloud managed services.

While it may seem like this is simple, you will find that a trusted advisor is needed to steer your company to the correct managed cloud solution, help migrate to the cloud services and keep things running afterward.

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

When was the last time you took your backups off-site?  If you’re like most business owners, the answer is never or very infrequently.

Our cloud managed services can setup & monitor the secure transfer of your critical data to two offsite locations simultaneously. You will also have the ability to login and view/restore files as desired.

Wish Your Server Never Went Down?  For even better disaster protection, our team and cloud managed services can backup your entire server(s) locally and to the cloud.  When there is a disaster, you can restore everything or bring up a copy of your server either locally or at the offsite data center to continue working within minutes.

Cloud Managed Services with E-Mail

With the availability of low cost per mailbox prices on top quality business email with premium spam filtering, 99.9% reliability, huge mailboxes it is no longer cost effective for small businesses to purchase the hardware and software for an on premise email server.  If you have HIPAA or FINRA or similar requirements, our cloud managed services can easily add email encryption.  If you have free email loaded with spam, this service is very important as email is one of the main ways that today’s worst malware is distributed.  We can help move you to this service and administer it going forward.

  • Mail Backup: Many businesses need to have constant communication with their clients via email.  A mail server outage can be a big business disruption. Another feature to our cloud managed services is it provides the added benefit of a mail server backup.  Employees can login to a website and send/receive mail even if your email server is not available.
  • Cloud Spam & Antivirus Filtering: With spam making up an estimated 75% to 90% of email volumes, it continues to be a huge problem impacting business productivity and security.  Research indicates that many businesses rely on the anti-spam component of their antivirus solution to block spam, yet the incidence of data breach as a result of malware delivered via spam is alarmingly high. Also, the time lost per employee to get rid of spam is quite significant when you add up the time to remove the junk each day for each employee. We can filter the spam and viruses before they arrive in your mail server .  Our spam filter features not one, but two anti-spam engines to give you an ultra high spam capture rate out of the box with minimal configuration.

Other Managed Cloud Services?

There are so many different options now when it comes to cloud managed services – let us know what the issue is and we can help find a solution whether it be cloud or on premise.

This is just a sample of the solutions that use systems already available over the internet to deliver the services you need (“cloud computing”).
We can customize managed cloud solutions for your unique business needs.  Contact Us today to find out more!