How to change your Zoom background just like everyone else is doing

Why show your messy house when you can video chat from the beach?

Zoom has taken off as a major video conferencing tool used during the coronavirus pandemic.

Would you like to find that fun setting that can make your background anything you want?

Note that if you move around a lot, the other callers will see the breaks in the background.

For the Zoom desktop app

  1. Click your profile in the upper right and choose Settings.
  2. On the menu on the left choose Virtual Background.
  3. Choose from preselected scenes or green screen.
  4. If you want to upload a photo to use as the background click the + icon next to where it says “Choose Virtual background” and a box will pop up allowing you to select a photo.

For the Zoom mobile app:

  1. Login to your account and click the 3 dots at the bottom right to open the More menu
  2. Click on Virtual Background
  3. Select a background or upload your own