Five Types of Business Data Hackers Crave

Five Types of Business Data Hackers Crave

Almost every company uses computers to manage some part of their business operations, and while the reduced clutter and efficiency is a bonus, it also opens you up to the threat of hackers. See how you can take the necessary steps to upgrade your data protection.An article in Entrepreneur cites a report from CNBC where 43% of hacking attacks small businesses.  A successful attack can cost about $200,000 and causes as many as 60% of the companies to go out of business within 6 months of a cyber attack.

The threat is very real and here is what the hackers try to get:

1. Hackers Want your Personal Information
This can be social security numbers, birth days and financial information. For example a social security number can be used for tax fraud, opening up a credit account and other major financial information.

2. Hackers want to access your computing services
If hackers can store their data or use the processing on your systems it costs you money and slows down your processing at the very least

3. Hackers want confidential product information
If a hacker can steal your designs (your intellectual property) it can be worth a lot of money. It can take months to build a prototype and if someone stole your prototype data they could come to market before you,  or they could sell it to a competitor.

4. Hackers want corporate account data
If the hacker can get access to an employee’s account they can use it to run scams or gain information about your business operations.  For example, if the CEO’s email was compromised, they could impersonate them or find out when they were away to run money transfer scams on other employees and more.

5. Hackers want network control
If a hacker can control your network, they can distribute ransomware to all of the computers and lock everyone out of their systems.  Typically these attacks are due to someone clicking on a fake email or web link so businesses should train employees what to look out for.

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