Spam Protection

Spam, those unsolicited emails you get asking you to help a Nigerian princess or offering you cheap knock-off pharmaceuticals, uses up a lot of resources. In 2011, an estimated 7 trillion spam emails were sent. While only a small percentage of those emails reach your inbox, most of us receive at least some spam every day. What are the costs?

“The Economics of Spam,” a paper by Justin M. Rao of Microsoft and David H. Reiley of Google, published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, gave an estimate of $20 billion a year for the time you spend dealing with spam, the costs of server space for all that spam, and the cost of engineers’ time spent dealing with spam on behalf of email services. That doesn’t include productivity costs associated with people’s becoming distracted by spam, the hardware destroyed by malicious software (malware) associated with spam, the money spent by people who are tricked by spam, or the cost of adding memory instead of deleting spam.

The environmental costs are significant, but you can’t do much about that.

The CAN-SPAM Act, the law governing UBE or unsolicited bulk email, allows spammers to send unsolicited and unwanted emails as long as they follow some very broad rules. For example, they may not use deceptive “from” lines (such as “Official FBI Communication”) and they must allow you to unsubscribe. The Act also forbids recipients to sue spammers. The law is not very strict, it isn’t enforced much, and it hasn’t had much effect — the article cited above estimates that as much as 88% of all emails sent are spam.

In other words, there’s a lot of spam, and you can’t expect anyone to make the spammers stop.

Your goal should be to reduce the amount of spam that actually reaches your inbox, so you lose less time reading, thinking about, and deleting that spam.

We can help.

The best solution for spam is a spam engine. While most email programs include spam engines, they are not always very effective. Some capture too much, so that you lose emails or have to spend time looking through your spam folder to find things. Others allow too much through so you spend time dealing with spam instead of having the filter take care of it.

We use a spam filter called SpamRazer, which does an excellent job of capturing and eliminating spam. We’ll configure it for you and make sure it works as it should, so you don’t have to waste time on spam. Contact Us today and make spam a thing of the past in your office.