Spam & Mail Backup

Antivirus, Spam and E-Mail Backup

Reduce your Spam & Antivirus by well over 98%

Spam is a huge issue for most internet users.  It accounts for 70%- 80% of all email.  First there is the lost productivity arising from the time required multiiple times a day to delete all of that spam.  Second,  there are endless fake emails that can result in virus or malware attacks if you accidentally click on one of the emails.

Our solution features not one, but two anti-spam engines to give you an ultra high spam capture rate out of the box with minimal configuration. Not only does it have one of the highest spam capture rates in the industry,  well over 98%,  but it is surprisingly affordable.  The latest version includes SpamRazer; an additional anti-spam engine that provides a second layer of protection. It has been designed to be very simple to use and due to frequent updates, SpamRazer will require no tweaking or training for it to be fully effective to filter the latest spam attacks.  The solution also has an antivirus filter as well.

The advantage is that this service will filter all of that spam and block the viruses before they reach your company’s mail server, eliminating the threats and removing all of the junk that clogs up the server and makes backups much larger.

There is an optional “mail digest” email that arrvies 1-3 times a day mail, listing all of the emails caught by the spam filter.  Within a few days of tweaking you’ll find that there are very low incidences of good mail being caught then you can scale back or eliminate the mail digests.

Don’t Lose Another Email- Exchange Mail Backup Service

There are many businesses that need constant communication with their clients.  The thought of their Exchange email server going down and not being able to send/ recieve mail can be a huge problem.

Instead, this service provides a separate website to send/receive mail when your server is unavailable.  Communication can continue and when the mail server is back online, all of the emails will get sent to it so no mail is ever lost.

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