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Not Again!  Viruses/ Ransomware / Crashes!

We can keep your business computers running smoothly.

Ransomware & Cyber Security has been making big news lately. What is ransomware? The crooks scramble (encrypt) your files so you can’t use them, and then demand money to unlock your files. It means your documents are still there, but if you try to open them you can’t, and the same with all your spreadsheets and photos.

  • The number one threat to small businesses is thinking “It can’t happen to me”! The global assault by hackers unleashing ransomware,  CEO fraud and more are responsible for billions in losses to businesses.
  • You need layers of protection & user education – one employee can click on something that brings down the entire network – We can provide training and a complete network security audit
  • 70% of small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year.  Most companies setup a backup to avoid this, but are you checking that it’s actually working?

Hacking the internetMost business owners don’t have time or resources to check the systems every day, but thanks to improvements in technology, we can monitor many key items on your PCs and servers for a very affordable cost.

*We can offer you a Free Cyber Security Risk Assessment to introduce our services to you AND to help you determine if your business could truly survive a cybercrime attack.

Everything we discuss and discover will be  STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.

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Benefits of Our Plans

Reduce Downtime

Our proactive monitoring and comprehensive set of protections will keep the systems running optimally.

24x7 Monitoring

We are checking your systems even on weekends and evenings to be sure they are updated and running well.

Custom Solutions

We don’t represent one vendor- we will help find the best solutions for your needs.

Flexible packages including Fixed Price Help Desk Support

We can customize packages to your needs.

On Site Support

Our friendly service team offers onsite IT support for your network, computers & servers.

After Hours Service

Have peace of mind knowing you can get help whenever needed, even outside of business hours.

Help Increase Your ROI

The right technology should  increase your ROI, allowing you to do what you do best.

System Security

We include a number of security tools in the plans and provide options for many more.

No long term contracts required

We want you to be happy so contracts only require a 30 day notice.

Money Back Guarantee

30 day Money Back Guarantee - We stand behind our work.


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