Your Company Has a 50% Chance of Failure

… if you lose your data. A government study followed small businesses that had lost their computer files in disasters. Over half went out of business within a year. Over the long run, 70% failed to recover from the data loss.

It’s startling, but if you think about it, you can see why it happens. Your customers, your leads, your financial records, your operating procedures — it’s all on your computer. Some of that information may also be printed out and stored in physical files, but companies experiencing a disaster often lose their physical files, too.

It’s a terrible thing to return to your office after a fire or a flood and have to clean up, clear up, and replace furniture and hardware. If you have backups for your computer files, though, you can get back to business as usual once you’ve taken care of the mess in your office.

How can you avoid the consequences of data loss?

  • Back up your computer files.You need to back up your files, and not just to your hard drive. If your back ups are in the same physical location as your computer, a disaster can destroy the backups along with the original files. It’s essential that you have remote back up, preferably in the cloud.
  • Arrange proactive monitoring. A system failure in your office computer isn’t the end of the world if you have backups and can restore your files to the point before the storm. Your new or repaired computer can then take the place of the old computer seamlessly. With proactive monitoring, you know when a problem arises so it can be fixed easily — sometimes before it even becomes a problem.
  • Consider remote server backup. Having your files safe in the cloud is reassuring. Having remote server backup solves the problems. Some companies can’t just take care of a problem in the morning. Maybe having your website down means losing money, or remote workers need access to up-to-date data at all times, or your server supports machinery as well as office computers. In these cases — and many more — remote server backup is the solution.

Running remote backup yourself is rarely the most cost-effective option. The investment in hardware, software, and IT support is more than most small businesses need, and more than many small businesses can afford. Instead, let an IT support service take care of it for you.

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