Windows XP Deadline Looming

In case you didn’t read about it already, Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014.  Some estimates seem to think it is as high as a quarter to a third of the world’s computers are still running XP!  Are you one of them?

Microsoft has supported it for over 12 years so it really is time to move on to new technology.  Even if you’re not a big fan of the new Windows 8, it is still possible to order Windows 7 computers.  With the new update to Windows 8.1 it is a step closer to looking like the old familiar Windows many were used to and with another new update coming out in April most of the objections will be addressed.

However, there is still a huge number of people who have decided to stick with it for now.  Perhaps you think all of the vulnerabilities have been discovered already?  Experts say that is unlikely.  It is more likely that the criminals have been holding back their recent exploits waiting for Microsoft to stop supporting it then it is possible that a flood of attacks can ensue.  Only time will tell, but it is wise to not even  take that chance.  Contact ASIS today to get your computers up to date.