Three New Year’s Resolutions to Protect Your Business

stk147498rkeAfter each New Year’s rolls around, it’s a great opportunity for all of us to review and assess the prior year to try to make improvements for the year to come.

In this past year, if there’s one thing that stands out for companies large and small, it’s internet security threats.  Between the hack of Sony that nearly held a Hollywood movie hostage, the Target and Home Depot hacks, in which, respectively, over 40 million and 56 million credit card accounts were compromised; iCloud and Gmail password breaches, or any malware that you or your business faced, internet security threats were on everyone’s minds.

Since even some of the biggest companies have fallen prey to cyber crime, guarding against these attacks may seem daunting.  But don’t let this make you feel like giving up – instead see the importance of being prepared.  Now more than ever you should make sure your company is taking proactive steps AND has a business continuity plan in place.

Start the year off with a focus on these security pointers:

Define What Needs Protection – Create a risk management plan to identify critical information or processes that need to be safeguarded.

Develop Scenarios and Responses – Think about the possible consequences of an attack and what could be done about it.   There are impressive automated tools for monitoring your security.  In addition, new business continuity devices back up your data both on-site and offsite.  Within just a few minutes, this device can have your server running from an offsite location.

Communicate with Employees – Develop an internet policy to set guidelines for your employees’ internet usage.  Convey this policy to them along with other tips to help them steer clear of unintentional breaches and malware attacks.

We wish you a prosperous and secure New Year.

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