Search Engines as Malware Providers

Have you ever had an employee’s PC infected with Trojans or similar malware? The first thing that employee said was, “I promise I didn’t go to any porn sites!” And your first reaction was to look into blocking social media and other websites. Sound familiar! Of course it does…all business owners have been there. But here’s the bad news. The employee was probably telling the truth. They didn’t go to a porn site. And restricting online usage alone may not be enough to prevent malware infection.

A detailed AV-TEST study recently revealed that although search engine operators such as Google and Bing try their best to avoid it,  they sometimes deliver websites infected with Trojans and malware among their top search results.

Malware developers are putting more and more effort into their work and exploit search engines by having infected websites appear at the top of some of the most popular searches. They use the same SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques you use as a legitimate business but deliver instead websites created by them with the express purpose of delivering their Trojans, Malware and Spyware.

Even with today’s advanced protection software experts agree that at least 7.5% of users are potential targets. Are your machines in that group? If your answer is no, don’t be so sure. With Microsoft abandoning support of Windows XP any machine still running this system becomes a potential target. Are you still sure you’re not at risk?

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