Ransomware is About to Get a Lot Worse

Ransomware has unfortunately been shown to be an effective way to target not only businesses large and small alike, but hospitals, police, individuals – virtually everyone.  It is effective because it locks up your files- that could mean pictures or word documents or whatever is important to you.  The criminals will “unlock” them only if you pay a ransom.  Unfortunately too many people do not have good backups and they pay the money, spurring interest in the criminals to continue to develop new ways to get in.  Ransomware is now present in two thirds of all malicious payloads starting at the end of November 2016.

According to a Malwarebytes State of Malware Report 2017, it is likely a new type of ransomware that locks the entire computer will become more popular.  If infected with this new variation, the computer will boot in to a lock screen that shows the ransom note and threatens to wipe out the entire computer if they are not paid.

With the number and variations of ransomware exploding, this is now the top way to attack and the US is the top target.  There is a new website such as “No More Ransom” by Intel, Kapersky, Europol teaming up to give advice on how to NOT pay the ransom.  Some of the ransomware has a decryption tool that has been discovered but others do not so the number one thing is to Backup your files, hopefully to multiple locations.

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– Ransomware is About to Get a Lot Worse