Online Bank Robbery Nets Close to $1 Billion

Gone are the days of masked gun men robbing huge sums of money from banks.  Now it seems that hackers have infiltrated as many as 100 banks though out 30 countries and stole $1 Billion according to Kapersky.  Apparently the criminal gang put malware on the bank employee’s computers that allowed them to control the bank network.  They would even inflate the balance before stealing money so it would take longer to find that anything was wrong.  In one case a criminal showed up at a cash machine and without putting any card in, the machine started dispensing cash!

Does this mean that if the hackers can infiltrate a bank that you should just give up and assume that your small business can’t be secure?  No, it means that in addition to taking security seriously, it is important to monitor your systems and have excellent backups, both on site and offsite, that are tested periodically.  Contact ASIS, LLC to help with all of these issues.

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