How Do You Look Online?

When someone thinks about hiring your company, making a reservation at your hotel, or buying your goods, their first step is usually very predictable: they Google you.

If you have a website, they’ll look there first. A major online marketing company recently shared research detailing the things that make consumers decide that your website — and therefore your company — is untrustworthy:

  • a “cookie cutter” website
  • a website that looks old — usually the result of outdated code and pictures
  • a website that “looks like your nephew built it”

The people quoted in the report were using casual phrases, but it was clear that a professional website is a must. It was a bit surprising that consumers found an old-looking website untrustworthy, but it was also clear that updating your website is essential. Just as your office gets a fresh coat of paint every now and then — plus new magazines on a regular basis — your website needs regular updating.

If your website is enough to convince visitors to contact you, you’re set. However, the study found that people often move on to look at reviews of your company or to ask others about you at social media platforms, especially if they’re not satisfied with the impression they get from your website. People will often search for phrases like “XYZ Law Firm reviews” or “ABC Builders ratings.”

This is a good reason to have customer reviews at your website, so that your website will show up for those searches. However, it’s also a good reason to make sure that local review sites list you and your website.

Have you Googled yourself lately? Try it. Are you happy with what you see?

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