Fit Your Website Into Your Overall Marketing Plan

A well-designed website is central to your marketing efforts, but you can’t just launch your site and sit back and wait. Here are the steps to take to make sure that your website works in your overall marketing plan:

  • Start with a plan. Figure out the message you want to send, your target audience, and the action you want your audience to take (call? email? make an online purchase? sign up for a newsletter?) before you start building your website. Share your plan with your website designer.
  • Connect your website with your physical place of business. Make sure your website has your contact information, your address, and a map if you want people to come to your store or office. At the same time, connect your shop with your site, using QR codes and putting your web address on your signage. Have your staff ask, “Have you been to our website?” as part of the check out routine.
  • Connect your website with other marketing efforts. Use your web address on broadcast and print ads. Once you have people’s attention, get them to your website to learn more.
  • Build an online presence with social media. Develop a presence at LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, and make sure you send visitors back to your website.

You probably already know that people need to see your message seven to twelve times before they take action. The good news is that, with a good website, your visitors can have much of that contact online, at their convenience. Your website, social media, and physical world efforts support each other and each piece makes the others stronger.