Cyber Criminals Selling Access to Surveillance Cameras

Cybercriminals Selling Access to Surveillance Cameras

– Cyber Criminals Selling Access to Surveillance CamerasNew research has shown that over 80,000 Hikvision security cameras failed to install a critical patch that would block hackers from obtaining access to the camera feed. 

This leaves tens of thousands of organizations exposed as hackers are now selling access to these compromised video cameras.Hikvision ( Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology) – is a Chinese state-owned manufacturer. The FCC has labeled Hikvision “an unacceptable risk to U.S. national security” in 2019 but many thousands don’t know that, nor do they know about the critical patch needed. Furthermore, the cameras have no good way to verify that an attacker was kicked out.

If you think you have Hikvision cameras and are not sure how to secure them contact ASIS 732-549-6030

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