Be Prepared: IT Solutions to Keep Your Business Running

Now that most people are fully back to work after Sandy, it’s important to review or create a disaster recovery or business continuity plan. Previously, some business owners were too busy or said “it can’t happen here”. Now that we have had a 1,000 mile wide storm causing $10-$20 billion in property losses, it is clear that time needs to be invested into researching options. Even if you already had a plan, technology marches on and new IT solutions become available that could change those plans.

There are many different possibilities, each with pros and cons, so the plan needs to be customized to your business needs. For some, a backup server in the cloud that could be turned on in about an hour and have all of the same functions as your onsite server is a necessity, but other companies might not need this feature or the cost associated with it. There are backup email services, cloud file backup and so many other options. Just as too much expense and complexity in disaster recovery plans is harmful to a business, you don’t want to be among the hundreds of businesses that will never reopen because they had little or no protections.

We offer a free consultation to guide you in choosing the best options to keep your business running.