“Bash Bug” Should Be A Wakeup Call


The latest computer vulnerability identified by security professionals as the “Bash Bug,” not to be confused with any type of human sickness such as the”Flu Bug,” is causing all types of tech companies to panic. Bash is installed on many computers running operating systems derived from Unix, which includes Macs and web servers such as Linux. The good news is that if you are running a Windows operating system, you are most likely protected. Unfortunately, for many users who have Bash installed already there is not much you can do. There’s already a high chance that hackers are using the vulnerability to create a worm that spreads automatically. What can you do for future security risks?

Steps for Future Security Risks

  • Have The Most Up To Date Software.
    • Are you still running Windows XP or an older Operating System? If so, it is important for you to upgrade immediately. Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP in April, which means you are vulnerable to a plethora of viruses, malware, and other computer breaches.
  • Protect Personal Information
    • Account takeovers accounted for 28 percent of all identity fraud in 2013. Secure your computer by backing-up your data. What would happen if you were to lose vital information that your company needs to run daily operations? Would customers continue to trust you in the future, even after a database breach?
  • Manage And Asses Risk
    • Find out exactly what you need to protect. Do you know what the exact problem is? If not, here at ASIS, LLC we are here to help. We will help identify your problems and come up with comprehensive solutions to help solve your company’s most pressing problems.

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