Backup, Backup, Backup

In real estate, there is a saying that a very critical factor is location, location, location.  However for the critical data stored on your computers, there is an equally critical criteria to keeping it safe: backup, backup, backup.

The latest trend is to think that the “cloud” is there to solve all of our problems.  However, all “cloud” services have vulnerabilities such as a recent article about a hacker getting into Apple’s icloud.  With all of the high profile break-ins to many large corporations (e.g. Adobe, Target & more) we see that nothing is fool proof. Certainly there are many positive features, but putting all your data in any one place, whether it is local on your computers or in the cloud, is a big mistake.

The second big mistake is thinking that once a backup is setup, nothing can go wrong.  A business owner once told me they did not need any help with backups because they had a cloud backup service.  However in just a few seconds I checked it and let them know they ran out of room a year ago and had no backups over the last year.

Instead, ASIS can monitor your backups daily and be sure they continue to work.  We can review your backup plans and features and help recommend the best solution for your needs (on-site, off-site, and remote server backup affordable for small businesses).