Are You Dealing With The Right Tech Company?

92707860In a bizarre story in Cleveland, Ohio Barbara Celznick thought that she was dealing with a legitimate computer company, it wasn’t until the company tried to issue her a refund did she realize something fishy was taking place. A computer company called her out of the blue to tell her it spotted problems and convinced her to sign an expensive contract to fix it. After signing the contract, the company eventually went out of business and said that they wanted to issue her a pro-rated refund.  They called to ask for her bank account to provide the refund.  In a turn of events, Ms. Celznick was not issued a refund but instead was being charged money. Luckily, her bank declined the transaction. Stories like the one above happen all the time. How do you know you’re dealing with the right computer tech company and not a company that is in it to make a quick buck?

As a rule of thumb:

  • Conduct business with a company that you have established trust with. Your company’s data is important – you have invested a lot of time, money, and effort to gather it. You wouldn’t leave your valuables or money out in the open, would you? Most likely you would lock it up and securely store it away, only making it accessible to you. Do the same with your data!
  • Keep your operating system and your anti-virus and anti-malware software up to date. If you do not have the most current software or operating system you are an easy target for attackers.
  • Be sure you’re dealing with a company that will listen to your problem and help identify solutions. At ASIS, we take each client case-by-case and try to find the solution to your problems and how to effectively solve them.
  • Don’t trust anyone who calls claiming to have spotted problems with your computer – often they make up fake problems or install malicious program that cause even more problems.
  • Don’t let any random caller talk you into allowing him or her remote access to your computer- they could do much more harm than good. Would you allow a cleaning company that called you out of the blue access to your house? I don’t think so! The same is true with data. Do not allow potential intruders access to your computer.
  • Find a company that has a proactive approach to solving problems. Why wait for your computer to crash? Dealing with the right partner will ensure that you have minimal downtime and multiple options in case of an emergency.

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