Advantages of Cloud Computing

 What Benefits Do Cloud Computing Provide?

Cloud computing is technology resources you can utilize online.  The “cloud” could be a shared public cloud or you can have private resources.

The advantages of cloud computing include:

  •  Cost:  New services can be added without the cost of purchasing additional on site equipment & software
  •  Flexibility & Scalability:  Solutions scale up or down on a moments notice. Buy only the resources you need now and know it can grow as your needs grow
  •  Availability: Features are available anywhere, anytime from an internet connected device.
  •  Range of Devices: Cloud services are generally available to a wide range of devices- computers, smart phones, tablets, etc.
  • Backup & Recovery:  Generally the service provider will take care of this for you

What are Some of the Disadvantages?

  • Connectivity:  If your internet connection goes down, you lose access to these resources.  Also the cloud provider could have technical issues and outages and you have to wait as long as it takes for them to resolve the issues.
  • Cost: There are times when purchasing software compares favorably to a monthly fee that never ends so cost is not always an advantage
  • Security could be a problem.  Before adopting this technology, you should know that if you choose a public cloud, you will be surrendering your company’s sensitive information to a third-party cloud service provider. This could potentially put your company at risk. Also, cloud providers are targets for hackers.  Therefore, you need to make absolutely sure that you choose the most reliable service provider, who will keep your information secure.
  • Backup & Recovery: How often are backups being taken?  Do you have the ability to test them?  These are some of the questions that arise.

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