Ten Steps to Make Zoom Safe

Zoom’s video conferencing app has had a meteoric rise due to the Covid-19 pandemic but not without some huge bumps along the way.  First there was the hackers interrupting video meetings with porn, prompting certain school systems and companies to ban it.  Then it was discovered that calls were routed through China, recordings left open on the Internet and many more companies banned it and several countries such as India deemed it unsafe.

There are a number of alternatives such as Microsoft Teams, Logmein Goto Meetings, Cisco Webex, Join.me, Blue Jeans Meetings, and more.  If you already have your email on Microsoft Office 365, teams is probably included plus there is 6 months free promotion now, but even if that doesn’t work for you, the other options have a mixture of free and paid plans to provide many quality alternatives.

However if you really like Zoom, there are ways to make it more secure.  As outlined below in an article from Zdnet, there are 10 steps you can take to make your Zoom meetings safe. Also, a new version of the Zoom client should be coming out soon and that is expected to include more security related features.

If you need help with enabling workers remotely or Zoom or other issues, ASIS is ready to help.

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