Protect Your Business from Ransomware- Cyber Security Audit

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– Protect Your Business from Ransomware- Cyber Security Audit

Ransomware & Cyber Security has been making big news lately. What is ransomware? The crooks scramble (encrypt) your files so you can’t use them, and then demand money to unlock your files. It means your documents are still there, but if you try to open them you can’t, and the same with all your spreadsheets and photos.

There is another variation where the malware locks your PC so you can’t use it until you pay a ransom to the criminals. The payments must be made in something like Bitcoins, which is a digital currency that is very hard to trace.

They hit both businesses and individuals, and now even target hospitals, police departments, and schools, to name a few.

A lot of vendors are adding ransomware protection to their security products, but no one product can address all of the threats current and future. The layered approach is best and we can help you determine the best cyber security solution for your business.

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