Online Backup Offer

Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late!  Try Online Backup for Free!

We know you’re busy with so many things, but don’t wait until your precious data is gone to realize the importance of having a good backup.

There are a whole host of reasons why your business could have data loss…

  • Fire, flood, virus, theft, system crash and more. Studies have shown that companies which suffer a major data loss without good backup & recovery in place often go OUT of BUSINESS within two years!
  • Also, viruses, trojans, spyware…there’s an army of criminals out there trying to attack your systems. No matter which vendor you use for backups and antivirus, they all fail at times.
  • Most companies setup a backup to avoid this, but are you checking that it’s actually working?  Our backup has a daily status email.

Our online backup is secure…data is encrypted and stored in two offsite data centers.

There is a website where you can view the files backed up and restore file(s) upon demand.

Several revisions are saved online as well. We can provide the full list of benefits when you sign up for the trial.

Sign Up Here for a FREE 1 Gigabyte Online Backup account to see what you’ve been missing:

Offer Expires 11/31/12



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