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Nearly half of America’s small businesses have no website. One of the most common reasons is, “We’re just a local business.”

Here’s some news for local businesses: 96% of consumers search online before heading out to spend money locally. They check hours of business, find directions, compare prices, examine products, and decide where to go… and if you’re not online, they’ll go to your competitor who is.

Many consumers don’t look any further than the Local Search Map at Bing or Google.com. So how can you get on that map?

First, you need to have a good Google Places page, and the same kind of page for Bing and Yahoo. You’ll need to verify ownership and make sure to have all your current information, and you can add pictures, videos, and other details about your business. The quality of this page can make a difference in where you show up — as place marker A or B, or on page 3 or 4 where few people look.

You can also add a link to your website, so visitors can click through and learn more about you. Having a quality website will also improve your rankings for local search. A very well established website with plenty of online presence (listings in local directories, mentions in newspaper articles, etc.) may get a place on the map without a website — unless they have lots of competitors. A less established business with no website has no chance.

We can set up those local Places pages for you and also build the website you need. Contact us to discuss your needs.


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