Does Your Website Bring You Business or Chase it Away?

ASIS, LLC Website Challenge Series:

Does your Website Bring in New Customers?


One of the first things people check before doing business is the company website. Did you know that a survey found that 46% of website visitors leave immediately? It is critical to have a professional look and content that is up-to-date. For a small business making decisions on keeping your website up-to-date, making it productive can be challenging, but we can help.  This is the first in the series of posts on this topic.

A website can make or break your business. You only have a few seconds to make a good impression. Many businesses developed their website years ago and haven’t updated anything since. Over the next several weeks ASIS, LLC will bring you a series of posts designed to challenge and inform you on what you need to do to convert your website into a tool that really helps your business. Each week we will focus on one or two of the key elements listed below.

Key Elements to a good website:

  1. Good Visual Design – Design includes all the visuals elements of your website — logo, font(s), white space, theme/template, layout and colors.
  2. Content – The key to a good website is providing relevant content that your readers want.  Content should answer the question “what’s in it for me?”
  3. Call to Action – The Call to Action is a set of words that urge your website visitors to take an immediate action on your website.
  4. Traffic – Search Engine Optimization – There are multiple approaches to make improvements and we can discuss the options with you and the advantages and disadvantages.
  5. Mobile Site – With computers and now smart phones & tablets being used to surf the internet, one size doesn’t fit all- your website should automatically adapt and reformat for the smaller sizes when a client is viewing it from a mobile phone or tablet.

In the next post in this series we will focus on Mobile Web Sites. If you don’t want to wait, call now for a free website evaluation. Our talented graphic artists can custom design a vibrant, engaging site, from simple to very complex.


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