Do You Really Need a Website?

The 2010 census confirmed what marketing research had been saying for years: nearly half of the small businesses in America have no website.

With 86% of consumers going online to do research before they shop, this seems a little surprising.

A recent study asked small business owners why they chose not to have a website. The most popular answers were, “We don’t need one” and “We’re too small.” In other words, they were either too small to use a website to improve business, or business was too good to need a website to improve business.

Lurking beneath both answers is an awareness that websites improve business. In fact, 79% of the businesses surveyed agreed that “a website is essential for 21st century businesses.”

Looking more closely at the raw data, we find what may be the honest answers:

  • “I’ve been procrastinating.”
  • “I don’t knowwhere to find someone to make a website.”
  • “It would be too much trouble.”

Don’t let fear keep you from having the website that you know will help your business. If Asis is already your IT support company, we can help you get your business online, too. If we’re not already your IT support company, you owe it to yourself to talk with us. We can take a lot of those troubles off your shoulders.


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