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Microsoft Users Targeted With New Malware Infections 

Microsoft Users Targeted With New Malware Infections   Phishing campaigns become more effective the more closely they can imitate a trusted source.  Security researchers at Fortinet discovered evidence of a phishing

New Threats to Online Applications

New Threats to Online Applications  With the uptick of remote working from Covid-19, more and more companies are relying on applications like Zoom and Calendly to get through their workday.

Protect Against Docusign Attacks

How to Protect Against Docusign  Attacks More and more companies are using electronic signing of documents to save time and money for contracts, mortgages, tax documents and much more.  The

Practice Safe Social

Social media allows you to stay connected to people that you don’t get to see all of the time, and for that, it is a great thing.  Family photos are

5 Activities to Make Remote Meetings More Fun

by Christopher Littlefield, Forbes After months of working remotely, people are tired of having the same virtual meeting over and over…but the truth is, they don’t have to be boring.

Cyber Insurance for SMBs

Forrester and Hiscox collaborated to create the fourth annual Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report.  The good news is that more firms are realizing the seriousness and adding additional security and cyber