Cloud Solutions

Cloud Backup & Recovery

When was the last time you took your backups off-site?  If you’re like most business owners, the answer is never or very infrequently.

We can setup & monitor the secure transfer of your critical data to two offsite locations simultaneously. You will also have the ability to login and view/restore files as desired.

For even better disaster protection, we can backup your entire server(s) locally and to the cloud.  When there is a disaster, you can restore everything and optionally bring up your server at the offsite data center to continue working within an hour or so.

Backup Options


Cloud Mail Filtering and Backup

Spam & Antivirus Filtering:

With spam making up an estimated 75% to 90% of email volumes, it continues to be a problem impacting business productivity.  Research indicates that many businesses rely on the anti-spam component of their antivirus solution to block spam, yet the incidence of data breach as a result of malware delivered via spam is alarmingly high. Also, the time lost per employee to get rid of spam is quite significant when you add up the time to remove the junk each day for each employee.

We can filter the spam and viruses before they arrive in your Exchange mail server .  Our spam filter features not one, but two anti-spam engines to give you an ultra high spam capture rate out of the box with minimal configuration.

Mail Backup:

Many businesses need to have constant communication with their clients via email.

A mail server outage can be a big business disruption.  This service provides the added benefit of a mail server backup.  Employees can login to a website and send/receive mail even if your Exchange mail server is not available.

This is just a sample of the solutions that use systems already available over the internet to deliver the services you need (“cloud computing”).
We can customize a solution for your needs.  Review the Advantages of Cloud Computing and  Contact Us today to find out more ….