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Online Bank Robbery Nets Close to $1 Billion

Gone are the days of masked gun men robbing huge sums of money from banks.  Now it seems that hackers have infiltrated as many as 100 banks though out 30 countries and stole $1 Billion according to Kapersky.  Apparently the criminal gang put malware on the bank employee’s computers that allowed them to control the bank network.  They would even inflate the balance before stealing money so it would take longer to find that anything was wrong.  In one case ...

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CryptoWall Makes a Comeback via Malicious Help Files

A new spam message has a very nasty payload.   The email attachment seems like an innocuous help file (.chm), but instead if you click on it, all of your files can be encrypted.  That means you cannot open or use any of your own documents.  The hackers will put a ransom message on your computer requiring payment to get the key to unlock the files or you have to have a backup.

First there was the cryptolocker virus which used ...

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Three New Year’s Resolutions to Protect Your Business

stk147498rkeAfter each New Year’s rolls around, it’s a great opportunity for all of us to review and assess the prior year to try to make improvements for the year to come.

In this past year, if there’s one thing that stands out for companies large and small, it’s internet security threats.  Between the hack of Sony that nearly held a Hollywood movie ...

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